Church and Sunday School Cancellation

St. John’s Mifflinville has decided to cancel both Sunday School and Church services the weekends of March 21 & 22 and March 28 & 29. There will be no activities in the church during this time frame.  Please pray for calm and an early solution to the problems we are facing. Council will share with you other ways to worship as soon as a list is compiled.


Chicken & Waffle planned for March 21st has been postponed.

Hoagie Sale planned for April 2nd has been postponed.

Dates will be sent as out for these activities at a later date.

Lent activities

Feb. 26th, Ash Wednesday, 7pm.

April 9th Maundy Thursday, Meal 6:00 p.m. service 7 p.m.

April 10th Good Friday worship 7 pm

April 11 Saturday service 5 pm

Check newsletter for info on Mid-Week Lenten Series.

Easter Service

April 12th 7 am. breakfast 8 am-10am

Easter egg Hunt 9:15 am

Easter service 10:30 am



Supply Pastors

Here is a list of the supply pastors covering St. John’s:

Feb. 15 & 16 Pastor Timothy Sadler

Feb. 22 & 23 Wendelin Davis

Feb. 26th Edward Coup

Feb. 29 Vince Meisinger

March 1 Pr. Chad Hebrinl

March 7 &8 Wedny davis

March 14 & 15 Ken Stitley

March 21 & 22 diane Bugg

March 28 & 29 Pr. Karen Minnish-Sadler

April 4 & 5 Vince Meisinger

April 9 Maundy Thursday, Crystal Gutshall

April 10 Good Friday- Ed Coup

April 12 Mark Giesen

April 18 & 19 Ray Huff

April 25 & 26 Mark Giesen



Sunday School News

We hope you have had a wonderful summer and a smooth transition back into school.  We are looking forward to starting Sunday School on September 8th  at 9:15 am.  This is a great day to begin our new school year as our church is celebrating “God’s work, Our Hand”.  our Sunday School is going to be using this theme throughout the year,  as we use our hands to serve.  We have some fun Activities planned for this year.


Christmas Celebration during the Sunday School hour to be held on December 15, 2019